iiii NOTICE  iiii


SKA TV is looking for individuals who are interested in
becoming an active part of this budding organization!
This means that you can get in at the ground level.
We are looking for anyone with a sense of our community
who is willing to give even a few hours of their time
each week to help with this project.




Although we have
"done our homework" and understand what it takes to make a public access channel beneficial, we realize that every community is different. Many things need to be done in preparation for this channel and everyone in the community is an important part of the process. Your thoughts and opinions are very important to everyone at SKA TV.


We at SKA TV believe that we are very fortunate to live in
this truly unique area, with great diversity and a wonderful standard of life. With all that our town has to offer it would be a shame not to share this with our visitors as well. Public access can do this in many ways. Not only by listing the events and traditions which are such a benefit to us, but also by letting people see what they are missing out on!  This is a great opportunity for the people of the town of  Killington to enrich our already bountiful area!



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