Sherburne Killington Access TV will be a volunteer based, not-for-profit
Vermont organization formed to facilitate, encourage, and promote community involvement in
the production of locally originating television, and to ensure the contractual and regulatory
commitments to public, educational and governmental access of the cable communication
system provider, ( now Adelphia cable) for the Town of Killington and possibly a few
overlapping areas in the towns of Bridgewater and Mendon Vermont.

    What is Public Access?
 For many people in the United States, television has become the number one source of
information about the world. Every day, people take in news, editorials, opinions, entertainment
and many other types of programming, all paid for by large companies that can afford network
and cable advertising rates. The opportunity for other voices to be heard on "the soapbox" of our
times has become very limited. In order to address the problem, Congress adopted the Cable
Communications Policy Act of 1984, which provided for public access to the airwaves. Most
local authorities have used this provision to require cable franchisers to dedicate channels on the
cable system to public, educational and governmental programming (PEG access).

    How Public Access Works
 SKA TVís objective will be to give members of the community a voice. Our goal will be
to provide the equipment and training; You make the television programs. Any individual or
organization will be able to register for training on our equipment. The equipment will then be
made available on a first-come, first-served basis to all trained volunteers to create programming
for Channel 13. Organizations and individuals can work together to form their own video team.
We will encourage a wide range of subjects and styles -- music, drama, comedy, public affairs,
and any other program you are interested in making .

   What can SKA TV do for our community?
 The programs that you produce for Channel 13 can: provide a forum for debate on local
issues; inform residents about services available in the community; allow limited-run
productions (school plays or other events) expand the audience for a local band, poet or
craftsperson; allow people who can't attend an event the opportunity to see it; give people a fresh
perspective on aspects of our community; follow a subject or issue on a regular basis; present a
documentary view of a neighbor, friend or organization in town that's doing something
interesting; teach skills ranging from gardening to origami; support our children with educational
and club information; change people's stereotypes; change your life. There's a whole new
generation of programming to come on the new SKA.TV .
And it's up to all  of us to make it happen!

 SKA.TV will air tapes made or submitted by any local resident that is not libelous,
offensive, obscene or damaging and does not use copyrighted material illegally. This allows you
to put forth your perspective, beliefs, ideas, talents, or comedy. If what you see annoys or
disturbs you, don't get angry; get producing, and counter with your own response.

Your voice can be heard!

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